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We are the Natchitoches Humane Society, founded in 1972, in Natchitoches, Louisiana. We rescue abandoned, neglected and abused animals and provide medical treatment, spaying and neutering, socialization, training and love while they are waiting to be placed in their forever home. Our rescue facility is housed on the grounds of the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center, and the dogs housed on-site are cared for by inmates selected specifically for this job. They have play yards, and a large area where they are walked and given basic obedience training by the inmate(s) caring for them. We have a sick room, as well as a bathing area, and two quarantine kennels. We do not house cats at the facility, but do provide rescue for cats through fosters. In an attempt to reduce the number of unwanted pets, we provide assistance to low-income residents through our Spay Natchitoches program. It is our goal to reduce the population of unwanted animals in Natchitoches Parish through adoption, as well as through spaying and neutering. It is our hope that our parish will become the example of what can be done when people work together to achieve the goal of a better life for the animals that live here.

Highlighted Dogs
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Nina was a severely underfed girl who we got from animal control. She was helped out by the NSU Vet Tech school who nursed her back to health! She is making huge strides daily and has a joy for life and loves to be around people. She has had a rough go at life, had basically all types of worms and is almost done with her heartworm treatment. Despite all this being caused by the neglect of humans, ...read more about Nina
Chippy is an older gal who came in with Missy and the two of them enjoy sniffing around the back yard together. Thanks to their fosters they are getting accustomed to kennels and being in a home, they are a little aloof about people, not mean or shy, just not used to a lot of attention/affection. Chippy has some alpha female tendencies and when she is in the kennel she dislikes other alpha dogs ...read more about Chippy
Hex was found as a stray, and though he is a big guy, he is very people friendly! He is learning how to make friends with other dogs. He seeks a lot of affection from people and has been known to give big kisses to folks he just met! He is heartworm free and ready for adoption!
Liam was found as a stray by Natchitoches Animal Control. He is heartworm positive, so any other animals need to be on a regular preventative. 
Jaggar was found as a stray by a kind citizen. He is heartworm positive, so any other animals need to be on a regular preventative. 
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Please watch this video to see our program for inmates in the Natchitoches Detention Center:
Please contact us at natchitocheshumane@yahoo.com with any questions or concerns!