Sponsorship Information

Dog and Cat costs
Ever see an animal that you just WANT to help? Maybe you cannot adopt, but you can help by sponsoring that animal specifically! Several dogs need a little extra care, and need some human heroes to have their backs!

If there is a sponsorship need it will be the first animal on the home page, they have some upcoming bills that are above what the Natchitoches Humane Society has on hand!

We will post some of the successful Sponsorships here on this page, thanking those that helped! 

Calls for help will be posted on our Facebook page, be sure to share and help if you are able!

Maybe your birthday fundraiser on Facebook can have all of your friends come together and help!

These special animals are also frequently the features of our AdoptHappyTailsResidents page on Facebook here

Spnsor Cassie Mack 2Cassie and Mack have Liz Heydt to thank for their heartworm treatment!
We love our helpers all over the country!
val porkchopval mamaval sissy
val queenieval ebarb
Thanks to our Heartworm Heroes who donated towards treatment for  Porkchop, Mama, Sissy, Queenie, and Ebarb! The fundraiser is still open if you would like to be added to the list! Click here to head to the Go Fund Me page!

Thanks to Lynn Watson, Karn Richoux, Letizia DiBenedetto, Emil Mallaun, Patricia Muscatelli, April Rond, and Margaret Kilcoyne!
Patty Sponsor Patty is currently being fostered and is a special case who will take a very patient and loving family like her current fosters! We appreciate Janie Mills for sponsoring her!
Cardi Cardi came to us with chemical burns on her face and a mutilated tail. She overcame all of that plus heartworms, and was in a year and a half of recovery in the shelter.

A favorite of caretaker Jeff, little Cardi was terrified of thunderstorms at Happy Tails, so was transported up to Ohio to be fostered with NHS friend Jean, and get her worn down front teeth worked on by The Animal Health Organization (TAHO)
Finally, Cardi was adopted and off to her new home on Martha's Vineyard with Kim, where she gets all the snuggles and chew toys she wants!

Sponsors: Connie and Herman Soong, Ruth Park, Martha Zink, Frank Douglas, Jean Hruschak, Robert Brown, Kristin Deloney, and Sharon Brewton. THANK YOU!
Lance sponsor Sir Lancelot was with us a long time, arrived with torn apart ears likely from a hog, and other scars, and his heartworms were VERY stubborn. He is now adopted with 4 other dogs and is enjoying his relaxed life!

Sponsors: Janie Mills, Karn & Robert Richoux
Lexus Lexus needed to get out from Happy Tails, she's deaf, does not get along with other dogs, and would lick away her fur from boredom!

Her fosters applied for the Odie Fund from Corepaws to get her training so that she would be more adoptable, which was awarded as the last fund that Corepaws gave out before dissolving! 

She was then adopted by her fosters, one of many stories of foster failures here at Natchitoches Humane Society! Her training was provided by Delta K9 Solutions!